Youth United University is a learning cohort for students in grades 6-8 which provides an age-appropriate curriculum surrounding race. In addition to being age-appropriate, our curriculum follows a cycle of education which leads to self awareness, practice and taking action. The program involves instruction on the following topics:

  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Self & community advocacy
  • Elimination of barriers to equity
  • How to address and remove the fear of being different
  • Intersectionality

Each session is based on the following format:

  • Large group discussion
  • Age-based breakout group discussion
  • Stretch breaks and movement activities
  • Sharing & reflection
  • Guest speakers
  • Virtual, kinesthetic learning opportunities


Youth United University was founded by entrepreneur Simone D. Ross, a Colorado native who grew up in Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood. Simone’s upbringing instilled in her a strong sense of the importance of community, family, and building through investing in the success and dreams of one another.

Ms. Ross was inspired to create Y.U.U. after a conversation with her children about the killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Brionna Taylor, and George Floyd. She noticed that her children were asking in-depth questions about race in America and why Black people die disproportionately. At this point, she realized that children are ready to have hard conversations about race. She felt a deep accountability to equip the next generation with tools to support their development. It became her mission to empower youth and influence them to reimagine and rebuild the world.

Our highly qualified and dedicated facilitators share Simone’s commitment in addition to helping youth tap into their creativity, and learn to surmount obstacles.

Our bottom line is to support young people in attaining a toolkit to advocate for REAL change. Please join us by registering your child today!