Why Y.U.U.

Our world has experienced deep changes over the past year. From new perspectives on our health, to the effects of racism on our society, our eyes are opening to the inequities in our communities that have existed for so long. As a result, people are wondering how to make an impact both now and in the future. They’re asking themselves questions like “How can I make a change?” “How can I ensure a better world for my children and all youth?” Often, youth are viewed as having a passive role in creating real change. And that is understandable. We want to protect our children and we certainly don’t want them on the frontlines. But there is a way for youth to get involved safely. There is a way that we can prepare them for a future without inequity, expose them to new approaches to anti-racism, and help them grow as activists.


Y.U.U. focuses on youth because our future is dependent on them. Our responsibility is to give them the tools and skills they need to encounter a variety of perspectives. Y.U.U. aims to open their eyes to the vast diversity that the world holds. In our programs, youth have power. They have agency. And we have an incredible opportunity to cultivate a spirit of anti-racism, systemic change and activism.


Y.U.U. is dedicated to youth for many reasons:


  • Youth will be the largest contributors to local development and prosperity


  • Youth have the ability to be a bridge between cultures and between tradition and



  • Youth have the interest, energy, and passion to address pressing issues and concerns


  • Youth have affinity for information and communication technologies to network and

transcend geographical boundaries


  • Youth are in the position to act as potent agents of positive social change that will yield

greater economic and social well-being for generations to come


Join us in empowering youth and creating the next generation of change-makers.