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Y.U.U. is dedicated to creating a world where youth are empowered and prepared for a future of anti-racism advocacy. Whether we are teachers, parents or advocates of youth development, we owe it to young people to support them in this endeavor.

Y.U.U has created quality education that includes a discussion of race, inequity, and current events. Some may think such topics are too heavy for young people because we often forget how strong and resilient children are. As long as they are presented in an age-appropriate way, youth can handle discussions on difficult topics.

Did you know that 47% of students in Colorado are children of color, yet only 12% of teachers are of color? Colorado’s children of every race are in need of more BIPOC leaders and role models and that’s exactly what Y.U.U. provides.

Our program is creating real change and to-date 100 youth have participated. We uplift youth and give them the education that they deserve. However, we can’t do it alone. We need your financial support to continue advocating for the youth of the greater Denver area and exposing them to topics that they don’t usually learn in school.

Our work is your work. Help us continue to serve our area’s youth by making a donation today. Thank you!